TheNonBritishChick, that’s me! I write funny, true stories, and on another website I write my fiction 🙂 But right here, is my blog. My life, online. All true- though yes- yes it does have my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction of mine  🙂 Well actually I do have one of my fanfics…  You Call This A Disaster is what it’s called check it out if you’d like! 🙂

I chose my username for my love of Harry Potter… that accent, the magic, it’s all so cool!


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Hey! So, I read your chapter 1, it was really good! You should really become an author one day. I’ve never, ever read a fanfic before, but I’m glad this was my first one. Maybe I’ll start writing one, if I finish I’ll send you a link. I think I may have some ideas. I’m not amazing at writing stories, but I am an actress. I’ve read and played a lot of roles, I guess it maybe good.

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