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    When writing you can feel like you are a character. The wind blowing your hair, not the characters. Your standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, not the character. That’s good writing. I love writing. It’s my other home. I can flee to it when I need too and write what I feel. I can have a character thrash about and be angry or confused like I may feel, or happy and peppy.

    I can do so many things. I can make them attempt to cook- fail, but have lots of fun doing it! I can be me, but in a whole other world. I can have them actually be a good cook even! (Not exactly like me 🙂 ) It’s amazing. I wish everyone could feel the way I can feel when I’m reading or writing.

   When I’m reading someone elses book and they used my character,  or a character I can relate to, and my/her crush is coming by to talk to her, I’ll squeal out loud and clap my hands, pump my fists, giggle and then realize how stupid I probably just looked sititng in my living room or something,  but have all that excitement make me one of the happiest people on Earth. Simple things like that seem to please me at times 🙂

     I love it when you read and someone will use your character. I love it when you have connections between the writing and your life. If you ever tend to read something or write something that makes you oh so happy, I wonder what you do. Like I said, I can look probably quite psycho when I read about a character I can relate to or made. Although this post might have been scrawled all over writing, not exactly on one topic of writing one bit,  it’s some of the reasons why, I love writing.

TheNonBritishChick 🙂