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      Fashion. It’s amazing. You can show your creativity, mood, and much more because of what you wear. Whoever you are, you can express yourself with fashion. Fashion is an art. Think of it this way.

     The way you dress, do your hair, choose your shoes, it’s all part of your fashion.Yourstyle. Not anyone else’s so don’t let anyone try to take that away from you!

  Like when we think of hair, plenty of people enjoy doing their hair differently like you can get a pixie cut, or have it shoulder length, or medium, or just flowy and long or curly! It’s all part of who you are.  Along with color. I, have two small red extensions that I absolutely love! It’s part of my personality. My sister has dyed her hair with different colored streaks including caramel, blue, pink, purple, and some sort of teal. When you style your hair, do it how you want it. Not anyone else. It’s your choice! What do you like?

   Then, there are clothes. Everyone loves clothes! They’re another way to express yourself. Whether you like to dress Country Sweetheart like Taylor Swift, City Girl like Selena Gomez, Eye-Popping like Lady Gaga, or Sporty like Joey King whatever you choose to wear it’s you and if it’s not, whats really the point? Why wear something you don’t enjoy?

    But anyways, now to shoes! I wear converse, you wear flats. You wear high-heal boots I wear cow-girl boots. You wear pink I wear green! It’s all so fun. Shoes is definitely fun because there’s so many to choose from! I mean there are sandals, high-heels, wedges, gym-shoes, sports shoes, flip-flops and much more, so chose the one’s that are right for you!

     When you dress everyday your setting up your personality. If you put on some dark jean skinny jeans, a tank top and a sports jersey on over that, and converse your going for the sporty look. Skirts, leggings, flats, a tank top and a cute sweater, totally girly! A long skirt, a tank top, a brown vest, and some cow-girl boots and your totally outdoorsy!

   But as I’ve said multiple times, don’t let anyone change your style because it’s yours! Always remember, why wear something you don’t like? And if you ever end up with something you’re not a big fan of, and you can’t come up with an idea to make it fit your style more, I’d love to help!

Say you had a turtleneck…. spice it up with a thin golden, or black belt! 🙂 Ever have those shorts you absolutely adore but they’re a tad too small? Put on your favorite leggings girl! You’ll be wearing two of your favorite pieces that day!

Oh, and style of today is Ariana Grande, relaxed, smiley, with a tad of sporty. Love it! 😀


TheNonBritishChick 🙂

P.S Let me know who you think should be the next style of the day and why, oh and always remember it doesn’t matter who you are to have a unique style and to be you.