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One Direction - Koala Adventures!

But first listen to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj 😛 Have fun watching Glozell translate Super Bass by Nicki Minaj  lyrics 😀 It’s aboslutely hilarious!

 I’m watching ‘From Prada To Nada.’ I’d like to point out that this movie- so far of what I’ve gotten through- It’s quite good! It’s a sweet story of these girls girls who come from rich and fancy to more for them, “Down” in life. It’s quite sweet with touches of romance, comedy, and more. It’s extremely cute 🙂

 The movie I believe is PG-13 and incredibly sweet.


I repeat this movie is ‘From Prada To Nada’ and fantastic! 🙂

TheNonBritishChick 🙂

  I absolutely adore Slytherin so when I got Hufflepuff on Pottemore I was a bit- shocked? embarrassed? awkward? smiley? All of the above. When I found out my common room was on the same floor as the kitchen, well that made my mood a bit happier.

 When I found out a guy named Dugald McPhail used to be a Hufflepuff it made me laugh but go ‘Hey!’ His last name sounds like your saying fail. Thats a bit downer…. but let me read on about Hufflepuffs on Pottermore… be back in a bit- but first did you know the founder of HOGSMEADE was a Hufflepuff? Awww yeah baby! 😀 Okay… I’ll be back in a bit.


Haha. They’re making fun of Ravenclaws. It says, “Ravenclaws, in particular, assume that any outstanding achiever must have come from their house. I got into big trouble during my third year for duelling a Ravenclaw prefect who insisted that Bridget Wenlock had come from his house, not mine. I should have got a week of detentions, but Professor Sprout let me off with a warning and a box of coconut ice.”

Yes, that is what my prefect Gabriel Truman says. Yes he is MY prefect no one elses.

   Ooooh! It says we’re trustworthy and loyal and we don’t shoot our mouths off. Sounds like a Ravenclaw. AND no one intimidates us.

We’re amazing aren’t we?

 AND we’ve produced the LEAST amount of dark wizards! In your face- love you- but in your face Slytherin! 😀

GASP! I just read where my common room is. Here’s what it says – “the entrance to the common room is concealed in a stack of large barrels in a nook on the right hand side of the kitchen corridor. Tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’, and the lid will swing open. We are the only house at Hogwarts that also has a repelling device for would-be intruders. If the wrong lid is tapped, or if the rhythm of the tapping is wrong, the illegal entrant is doused in vinegar.”

Well that’s sweet isn’t it? 😀 I shouldn’t have told you that though cause now you can get into my common room…….

Read this. –

“You will hear other houses boast of their security arrangements, but it so happens that in more than a thousand years, the Hufflepuff common room and dormitories have never been seen by outsiders. Like badgers, we know exactly how to lie low – and how to defend ourselves.”

Do you think I ruined Hufflepuff’s chance of not having the dormitory seen by outsiders? You guys wont sneak in right? Thank you. 🙂

GASP! There’s apparently a passage way you climb through- and I should shut up now…. but the common room is supposed to be ” It is round and earthy and low-ceilinged; it always feels sunny, and its circular windows have a view of rippling grass and dandelions. ”

Cool right?

There is a lot of burnished copper about the place, and many plants, which either hang from the ceiling or sit on the windowsills. Our Head of house, Professor Pomona Sprout, is Head of Herbology, and she brings the most interesting specimens (some of which dance and talk) to decorate our room – one reason why Hufflepuffs are often very good at Herbology. Our overstuffed sofas and chairs are upholstered in yellow and black, and our dormitories are reached through round doors in the walls of the common room. Copper lamps cast a warm light over our four-posters, all of which are covered in patchwork quilts, and copper bed warmers hang on the walls, should you have cold feet.”

  Okay… I’ll be good at Herbology. Thats great? I guess… Will I still be good if I take a nap? Or will it actually be interesting…. Hmmm- I wonder

“Our house ghost is the friendliest of them all: the Fat Friar. You’ll recognise him easily enough; he’s plump and wears monk’s robes, and he’s very helpful if you get lost or are in any kind of trouble.”

 I saw him a bit ago! He’s actually a real sweet-heart.

“I think that’s nearly everything. I must say, I hope some of you are good Quidditch players. Hufflepuff hasn’t done as well as I’d like in the Quidditch tournament lately.

You should sleep comfortably. We’re protected from storms and wind down in our dormitories; we never have the disturbed nights those in the towers sometimes experience.

And once again: congratulations on becoming a member of the friendliest, most decent and most tenacious house of them all.”

That was the last thing Gabriel told me before giving me a smile and walking off. But I should probably let him know that I’m an EXCELLENT quidditch Chaser… #23 BTW. And I enjoy when I sleep comfortably and knowing I’m safe from storms…. and THANK YOU GABRIEL! 😀 I can’t wait to continue my journey of Hogwarts. I might give you guys an update soon!

TheNonBritishChick who is now a Hufflepuff, 🙂

   I was very pleased to find out this morning that Pottermore was open! Yes, open to everyone! I got myself an account as BloodOak1750. Pretty cool right? 🙂

  Well I cant wait to finally get to explore! Whats your favorite part of Pottermore? What house are you? Are you pleased with it? Questions, questions, questions 🙂 Well, I hope your enjoying Pottermore a lot and well, ta ta! I hope you get the house you wanted! 🙂

  From my previous post you’ll understand that I really am longing for Pottermore that should appear in a couple of days. While I can’t have a Pottermore account I occupy my Harry Potter obsession on Wattpad a writing and reading site, and . It’s a Harry Potter role-play site that I absolutely enjoy! If you’re a Potterhead like me, there’s another site to join! 🙂 You can get sorted, take classes, get grades, perform spells, talk, and best of all be an inch more of a Potterhead. Now all I need to do is get a Pottermore account! 😀

   Though if you want a site, full of Harry Potter, this is definitely another site for you. Role-play your Harry Potter life around 🙂 If you want to Hogfriend request me my username is StarChaser23. I’d really enjoy it if you sent me an owl saying you read my blog… yes an owl 🙂

   See how amazing that is? I always feel so good and tingley when I can say I sent an owl… now will you?

Hope to see you there! Owl me, StarChaser23

TheNonBritishChick 🙂

   I am so excited for Pottermore! The website says it will open early April…. but now’s early April!!! A bit too early April, but whatever 🙂 I can’t wait to get an account! I’ll jump up and down squeal- well actually probably not…. I’ll  make my account!

  I can’t be the only one without a Pottermore account that really wants one can I? I doubt it…. But others who are longing desperately to be on Pottemore too, I feel your pain… I feel your pain…

  Though, while I’m on the topic of Harry Potter, I’ll share some things about- Harry Potter. XD


1. I love The Half blood Prince Movie!!! It’s really intriguing and shows a lot of Draco… pfft he’s not my favorite character…. (nods eagerly, yeah he is!)

2. Im reading the Chamber Of Secrets!

3. As JK Rowling’s books goes on, unlike some authors she gets better.

4. I wonder how she came up with Hufflepuff……..



TheNonBritishChick 🙂