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 Yes! Haha! Yes! Hi… I’m on my blog… I made it at home in the US and this is my first post at Hogwarts! Yay! I got sorted into Slytherin and I’ve made a ton of new friends from each of the houses! I’ve got Draco, Harry, Pansy, Hermione, Goyle, Crabbe, Ron, Fred, George, Terrence, Veronica, Anouska, Kiera, Semaus, Dean, Christopher, Nicki, and more! Can you believe that!?!? I can’t… well I can… but I can’t XD Here, let me explain to you a bit about each person…. 😀

Draco – My Slytherin bud with blonde hair who I haven’t told I have a blog an is coming over right now and- *I shut my computer*

Draco – What are you doing?

Me – Nothing

Draco – I seriously doubt that… *tries to open my computer*

Me – *slaps his hand* I bet you do! *Runs up to the Slytherin girls dormitory AKA as one of my homes in Hogwarts 🙂

And that is why I’m in the girls dormitory right this second because I somehow managed to type all that up on my quick run up the stairwell and into my room. I share it with Pansy, and a few other girls I don’t exactly like to talk about…

But back to my lists of friends,

Harry – The one who defeated  the greatest dark wizard when he was just a baby! And a Gryffindor 🙂

Pansy – My dormie/roomie, who I talk to about pretty much everything!

Hermione – Gryffindor! She’s sweet, and extra smart! She told me that the ceiling in the Great Hall was enchanted to look like the sky outside… and what book she read it in – Hogwarts, A History!

I’m so smart! 😀

Goyle & Crabbe – I’ve tended to put them together because of how close they are. They’re like super-glued together sometimes… people underestimate them though, but I still enjoy em! And, my fellow Slytherins!

Ron – Haha, he’s so funny! Gryffindor, and has MANY brothers and sisters! Apparently he’s got a younger sister named Ginny coming to Hogwarts next year!

Fred&George – They’re like an old married couple in a way… they love each other so much! They’re pranksters too, and Ron’s older Gryffindor brothers.

Terrence Higgs – A Slytherin who I talk to about Quidditch a lot and goof around with.

Veronica Laughto – Gryffindor all the way, and you can talk to her about anything!

Anouska Esivae – Ravenclaw! She’s really into muggle things and is one of my besties like Veronica.

Kiera Finnegan – Though the last name may confuse you, she’s not related to Seamus! She’s one of my besties too and I we love hanging out and planning pranks on the twins… (Please Fred and Georgie do NOT read this!) Oh and BTW Gryffindor all the way!

Christopher Finnegan – Well, Chris you’d absolutely believe is related to Seamus, blowing stuff up all the time! He’s a great friend who’s excellent at building fires, and Kiera’s older brother! Another Gryffindor!

Seamus Finnigan – Blows up anything so it splatters in his face… fun right? Haha, he’s great to be around! Yet, another Gryffindor!

Dean Thomas – One of Chris’s, and Seamus’s best friends who joke around, though he’s more of a soccer player (Muggle stuff! He taught me soccer and I kicked butt at this position known as defence!) He’s a joy to be around too!

Nicki Wedgoy – She is ABSOLUTELY in love with music! ABSOLUTELY POSITUTLEY! Haha… positutley 🙂 She’s a joy to be around along with the rest of my friends!

Well that’s some of my friends… yes, shockingly some… I love making friends 🙂 Oooh! Yay! I just got a text saying that it cleared up outside and we’re gonna all go play some quidditch! Got to go now! Ta ta! 😀

TheNonBritishChick 🙂


Here’s some more funny bunnies! Actually it’s funny Harry Potter stuff but I mean same thing right? Here they are!

Oh, and I guess you can call this one a classic – this is the last one- be ready! …….

Not so classic? Well, whatever, I love that picture. He looks so disappointed in the end but it’s cute 🙂 Cute disappointed! 😀


TheNonBritishChick 🙂

I love Harry Potter for so many reasons, one of them being the funny pictures you can make out of them. I didn’t make these myself but they’re funny so I decided to share em’ with you! Tell me what you think! 😀

        Haha, poor Harry. He’s very exasperated right now isn’t he?


    That’s just downright mean don’t ya think?!?! But- really funny…. 🙂

Now this next one I love,

    Yay! Malfoy! Yay! Malfoy! 😀

I actually found the one above on a different blog…. I absolutely loved it!

Hope you enjoyed! Haha, Bye Now!

TheNonBritishChick 🙂

    Have you ever been walking around somewhere and someone or some people are trying to make you feel small but they don’t show how hard they’re trying? Well, that’s the perfect time to say my favorite word, clodhopper.

Definition Of Clodhopper – Someone so incredibly annoying, who makes you oh so angry and annoid, and makes you want to yell- really loud. At the clodhopper or possibly anyone around you.

Noun – A person can be a clodhopper

Verb – If you are acting particularly like Draco Malfoy or Pansy Parkinson or any jerk you are clodhopping

Adjective In Sentence – The picture was so clodhoppery I started to yell

Side affects – Yelling, Headaches, Feeling the need to slap someone, For your face to turn red, Turning mad, and more…

   Here’s the conversation, and ST stands for the person who’s trying to exasperate you dearly, and ME stands for, me. Or you. Or whoever your thinking of in taking the position of ME.

(ME attempts to get in front of ST to grab lunch but ST turns around and walks slowly towards, not far apart, making ME take a step back in fear and ST happy)

 ME mumbling – clodhopper

ST – What?

ME whispering – clodhopper

ST – What?

ME sighing – clodhopper

ST – What?

ME – clodhopper! Can’t you hear?!?!? You clodhopper.

ST – (looks at ME weird but shrivels away)

ME – (smiles and whispers-) I always knew that wonderous word of clodhopper would come in handy! (grabs lunch and meets up with friends)

Haha, Serves ST right!!! :D

Haha, Serves him right! Oooh ME? Did you get Tuna?

Ah, that’s a great ending don’t you think? I loved it! (claps loudly) More! More! More!

TheNonBritishChick 😀

The only girl on the platform was wearing her Hufflepuff robes and looking at her feet nervously.

“Are you okay?” I asked her a tad bit confused.

                Her nervous expression faded and her hair suddenly turned purple. My eyes widened in shock, and she blushed saying, “I’m a metamorphous” she told me with a short nod.

                “Cool,” I said a bit confused. Wizards and witches can be metamorphous? Why hadn’t anyone told me that!?!

                She gave me a big smile. “I’m Ellie Mabs,” she said giving me her hand. I shook it saying politely, “Natalia.” She nodded and suddenly her pretty, soft, grey eyes widened. “Oh my gosh you’re my cousin!” she exclaimed and my eyes widened, curious for more of what Ellie was talking about.

                “Huh? I mean, like- wha? Um- wait- what?” I asked her completely and utterly confused.

“Well, Dumbledore gave me a letter saying that my cousin had arrived, was sorted into Slytherin, and had long brown hair that reaches almost her stomach, and pretty brown eyes!” she said giving me a wide smile.

                I laughed my head falling backwards, when suddenly I was bowing and saying, “Well thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!” She gave me a big hug, and I hugged her back realizing I might have just found my true family members! Well, my mom and dad were my true family members but they never let me meet any of my other family members for some strange reason which now I’m guessing is because those family members are probably witches and wizards too.

                “Wait!” Ellie exclaimed making me more excited. I nodded urgently waiting for her response when Dumbledore ended up striding by.

                “Dumbledore! Professor Dumbledore!” Ellie exclaimed grinning from ear to ear. Professor Dumbledore turned around his long white beard swaying slightly. “Yes?” he asked a small smile on his face.

                Ellie used her hands to motion towards me, who was right next to her. “Natalia’s my cousin isn’t she?”

                Dumbledore nodded slowly and proud. I grinned and me and Ellie looked straight at each other looking into each others happy eyes. “Cousin!?!?” We both squeaked uncertainly giving each other another big hug. We were uncertain if we were cousins. Dumbledore gave us a quick shake of his head, a small smile, and strode down the hallway motioning for us to follow, and we did so.


                5 minutes later, Ellie and I were led into Professor Dumbledore’s outstanding office. Rows of books covered the walls, talking paintings, and placed in the middle of the room, was a wooden table with a large wooden seat facing us, and three chairs facing the other direction. Dumbledore motioned for us to sit in the wooden chairs and he sat at the large wooden one, facing us.

                Suddenly, the door of his office opened again, and I knew that by hearing a slam behind me. I didn’t turn around though knowing the person would find me. Me, Ellie, and Dumbledore heard quick feet making their way into the room and Dumbledore motioned for the person to sit in the chair on my right because Ellie was on my left. When the person sat down I snapped my head to the right to see who it was.

                It was Draco’s step-sister! My mouth dropped open and she looked at me confused, asking “What?” I shut my mouth quickly my cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

                “Sorry,” I whispered and she nodded.

“Girls, as it seems Natalia knows that Charm there is Draco’s step-sister,” Professor Dumbledore announced, and it was only new, news to Ellie whose mouth dropped open like mine had been. She started stuttering, “You- he- wha- wait- um- eh- ugh-.”

                “So your names Charm?” I said stopping Ellie from saying more completely random noises, and letting her think of the words she should say next.

                The girl nodded, her pretty blonde curls bouncing, and her now not confused looking blue eyes, shining.

                I held out my hand, saying “Natalia.” She smiled, “Well you already know my name! Who’s your friend?” she asked motioning to Ellie. Ellie was beaming now. “Oh my gosh! Your Draco’s step-sister! This is very- new. I’m-” her smile faded and Charm looked at her confused. “Yes?” she asked.

                “I’m a Halfblood,” Ellie muttered. Charm’s eyes widened, “Oh that’s so cool!”

Ellie raised an eyebrow, but ended up in a few seconds grinning ear to ear. “You’re like the absolute opposite of your brother! I- I’m so sorry that was rude,” Ellie finished with a gasp.

                Charm gave her a small nod and a smile, “Its fine, he doesn’t really like me anyways.” I kept my face straight but inside I was feeling a bit bad that she though he didn’t really like her. ‘He does like you, he’s just a bit confused,’ I wanted to say so bad, but I kept my mouth shut. Dumbledore caught our attention and we all raised our eyebrows to hear what he was to say next.

                “So, Charm, you will be moving to Hogwarts.”

Charm gasped but she truthfully, didn’t seem too sad. The next thing I knew she was actually grinning ear to ear! This wasn’t only a shock to be because Dumbledore looked a bit confused himself and Ellie just looked as she was about to burst out laughing!

                I nodded, saying “So I see your happy!” Charm turned a deep red, that looked redder than Fred’s flaming hair, as she nodded urgently yes. “I wanted to go to school here at first but Draco didn’t approve, and because of the big change of me coming, our parents said fine, and had me go to Beauxbatons but to tell the truth its way to- girly for me, and all dancey! I mean what does dancing with butterflies flying randomly around us have to do with magic? I mean what’s the connection! I don’t get it!” she exclaimed a confused look on her face. I laughed. The lady had a point!

                “So, I guess we’re all done here,” Dumbledore told us with a smile and we got out of the wooden chairs and ran out of his large office.

                “This is so cool! Wait! But I need to get sorted, and ooooh! The goblet! Today is the last day for people to put their names in the Goblet of Fire!”

                I nodded, suddenly remembering from earlier. I wasn’t old enough though. The Weasley twins were, but I doubted they’d get chosen by their- Natalia don’t think okay- yes, a bit childish behavior. I smiled, they were goofy. Abbye was cool too, but I’m not close enough with her yet- along with George to tell the truth, really.

                “Well, let’s get you sorted because none of us can enter in the Goblet of Fire!” I squeaked excitedly as we walked down the long corridors, twisting and turning, are our three arms entwined. Charm seemed like she’d be good in any house but it seemed she wanted to get in Slytherin really bad, so I had a small feeling she’d be placed in Slytherin too. I’d just have to wait and see, as we bumped into McGonagall, ready to ask if Charm could get sorted right now.

                “Oh I’m so sorry!” I squeaked as Professor McGonagall had taken it as quite a surprise when we’d bumped into her. She nodded, looking a bit tired, muttering “It’s fine girls, really fine- don’t worry about it.”

                “Excuse me?” Charm asked politely and McGonagall nodded as if asking ‘Yes?’

“I- I just moved into Hogwarts from Beauxbatons and I was wondering if I could get sorted now?” Charm asked the Professor. McGonagall’s eyes widened and nodded eagerly and motioned for us to follow her, walking quickly down the corridors. This will be interesting.

I woke to shouting in the comfy room in the girls’ dormitory.

“Nathalia! Oh my gosh! Nathalia! Wake up!” Katherine yelled in my ear as my eyes fluttered open. My eyes shut almost immediately as a burst of light shined into the room. Pansy had just opened the curtains. She seemed to have just woken up too because she was blinking mildly at the bright beam that shone into our room.

Katherine shook me and I snapped my eyes back open grumbling, “What?”

“Ya know those demon thingys we saw on the train?” I bolted up at word of them.

“Yeah. Yeah I remember,” I said curiosity growing inside me.

“Well, I was thinking and last year things that were black, ghostly, and looked very similar to those were called dementors. When we’d first seen them, I was arguing with myself in my head because it couldn’t of been them-” she stopped as I interrupted her.

“Why not?”

“Well, dementors are controlled by-” Pansy cut her off. “The Ministry of Magic.”

I gasped. “They wouldn’t!” Katherine nodded looking down at her hands whispering, “that’s what I thought but- I mean you never really know. At dark times like this-”

I cut her off again. “Sorry Katherine for interrupting but, how are these dark times. Besides for those fake dementor thingys we all were having a great time!”

“You know the story of Harry Potter don’t you?” Pansy asked me. I shook my head no, feeling absolutely stupid.

“Oh, well that’s okay. He was a baby when we were in serious trouble. Very dark times yes, but a man- a gruesome man,” she said putting a disgusted look on her face, “was trying to gather followers. Bringing down the Ministry, trying to rule the wizard world. But we, intelligent wizards fought back. Or- atleast our parents did. But one night, the man, Voldemort-” she stopped at the sound of the man’s name her crystal green eyes widening in fear. “He- he- went to the boy, Harry’s house seeking to kill him and his parents if they didn’t join them, which he already knew they wouldn’t, loyal members of the order, a group that was specifically to stand up to dark wizards. He killed his parents sooner or later and then tried to kill Harry. Lily, Harry’s mom had loved him so much, her love saved him and Voldemorts spell, shot at him only caused a small, lightning shaped scar on his forehead. But the boy is a little jerk who’s extremely full of himself.”

My eyes widened. The boy seemed to “fun.” “Go on,” I said nodding at Katherine and Pansy.

“Well, that’s why times were dark. Last year though, a man who supposedly murdered a few people got loose, out of Azkaban, wizard prison. The Ministry suspected he’d be here, which he was. That’s why they sent the dementors last year. To capture the Azkaban prisoner, Sirius Black. But-” Katherine paused, tilting her head to the side and got off of my bed. She walked over to her old, battered, leather trunk and popped in open. She rummaged through it for a bit throwing clothes to the side of her, and other little things. Finally she pulled something out of the trunk.

It was pink and in silver, cursive along the front it said, ‘Diary Of Katherine’ I smiled and Pansy did too. Pansy pounced forward trying to grab the diary, and Katherine held it high in the air, out of her reach. I jumped out of bed pulling Pansy back.

“Pansy!” I screeched. Pansy frowned muttering “sorry.” I frowned wondering why she’d done that. Weird.

Katherine glared at Pansy, untying the light pink string that kept her book shut.  She opened it and looked up at me. “Yeah?”

She handed me the book pointing at one page that across the top said  ‘Dark Times’  and then she flipped through a few pages to another page headed, ‘End Of The Year!’  She nodded up at me as if telling me to go ahead and read it. I took the book and walked silently over to my bed plopping down on it starting to read.

 I finished in fifteen minutes, no one talking between that time. Katherine’s last line that I’d read was, ‘Bye bye Hogwarts, hope to see you and my friends too and I hope that Voldemort will never take us down- good luck Sirius Black.’  I had smiled at that last line. She seemed to see some good in the man- who was apparently a killer- but I wasn’t so sure to believe that story.

I jumped out of bed again, to see Pansy and Katherine whispering. When they looked up at me they stopped, frowning. I handed Katherine her diary and ran out. I was still wearing what I’d worn to bed yesterday- my clothes. Skinny jeans, a dark purple sweater with a white tank top under it, and zero socks!

Katherine and Pansy got up startled running after me. They slammed the door shut behind them following me down the long hall, out of the territory of the girls’ dormitory.

“Nathalia!” I heard Pansy and Katherine scream multiple times as they chased after me, down the stairs, to the common room. I looked hesitantly around the common room knowing the two girls would soon be close behind me. I saw Draco, Neal and Xavier talking and Neal looked to the girls’ dormitory stairs because of the thumping of Katherine and Pansy, to see me- tears streaming down my face. I ran out of the common room, through the portrait hole and I jumped onto a just leaving staircase.

“Quick move,” I muttered angrily to myself. I had a feeling Katherine and Pansy had been whispering about me. The new girl, dork and dumbo. Huh. I bet that’s what they thought. I sat down of the moving staircase, tears streaming down my face.

“Nathalia!” I heard the group of Xavier, Neal, Draco, Pansy and Katherine shout at the platform right outside of the Slytherin common room. I rolled my eyes. They act like they care. None of this makes sense. Why would they do this to me? I was alone on the stair case until I heard a different voice.

“Nathalia!” I snapped my head to the left where the staircase clicked onto the platform outside of the Gryffindor common room. It was Fred. I gave him a small wave and my tears settled down. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. He ran onto the staircase and sat down next to me in a huff right as the staircase lifted off the platform. George and Abbye were racing after him too, but they were too late. Just like my Slytherin “friends.”

I sniffled and looked up at him. He was tall. Taller than me, and I’m pretty tall for my age!

He gave me a small smile. “What’s wrong?” he whispered and I shrugged. “Not so sure myself” I sniffled.

He nodded acting like he understood but I doubt he did. He looked a bit aggravated too.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him with a small smile. He sighed and shrugged repeating what I’d said.

“Not so sure myself. Not so sure.”

I nodded actually understanding and my head rolled back as I looked up at the long ceiling hundreds of feet above us. He looked up at the ceiling too as he dropped his arm around my kneck. I looked at him my eyes widening in surprise. Awkward much? His eyes widened at the thought of what he’d just done and I laughed.

“What?” he asked his voice turning squeaky. I gave him a smile.

“Life is so-” I paused and thought for a second. “Confusing,” we said simultaneously. We looked at each other with shock and then looked down at our feet. Suddenly I felt his arm fall next to him as we- reached the Slytherin common room platform again.

“I guess you’ll be going?” he asked me.

“Not a chance. I’d left from here in tears. Why would I go back?”

He nodded giving me a small smile. My friends were staring at me and Fred together looking slightly confused. The didn’t jump onto the staircase, fortunately for Fred and I. The staircase clicked off of the platform and we started talking again.

“When life gives you a ton of wild boars, shouldn’t you pounce on it and ask what really happened?’ I asked Fred, and he smiled.

“First, yes. I guess. Why not? And second- I don’t think that’s how the phrase goes,”

I shrugged, “That’s how it should go.”

He gave me a small smile. Then we reached the platform in front of the Gryffindor common room again.

We stood up and I gave him a huge hug. He deserved it. He was a great friend.

“Go pounce on the boar,” I told him nodding and he tilted his head sideways, “You could tell I was upset?”

I nodded. “Now go! Shoo!” I said waving my hand away, he turned around grinning. “Oh- Fred?” I said. He turned around a questioning expression covering his face but he was still grinning.

                “Pounce on the boar. Pounce on the boar” I told him nodding and he smiled confronting George and Abbye. He whispered something to them and they replied looking nervous. He turned around to me his eyes wide as he mouthed, “I pounced on the boar. Now I’m shocked.”

                I laughed as the staircase took off again leading me to the front of the Hufflepuff common room. The stair case stopped and I hopped off. People were hustling onto staircases unlike when Fred and I were on one. Soon enough I was the only person in front of the Hufflepuff common room portrait hole than one other girl.

By the time the girls from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic reached the head of the room and posed almost every boy in the room was drooling. Except Draco who continued to stare at the pretty blonde girl with sea blue eyes.

“You so know her!” I exclaimed.


“I’d have to be an idiot not to think you knew her.”

“Why do you think I know her?” he squeaked and I laughed. Is he serious?

“Your staring at her and you almost cursed under your breath!”


“Yeah” I stated. He looked at me hard.

“You really want to know?”

I nodded. I wanted to help in any way to keep him from cursing and being angry.

“That’s-” he started and Neal cut in. I’m sorry Neal- but stupid Neal.

“Dude? That girl looks so much like a girl version of you!”

I laughed. Way to go Neal!

“Hey!” Draco squeaked.

I started to feel terrible. We were whispering while the man with the long beard talked. I had a feeling he was the headmaster.

I shushed them quickly and whispered to Draco for him to tell me later but in the back of my mind as I half listened to what the man was saying I was thinking still- Who was she?

“My step-sister” Draco grumbled into my ear wuickly so no one  could here. I gasped and all eyes turned to us.

“Problem?” the man with the beard asked. I shook my head urgently no and started to smile as the man got back to his speech.

Draco had a sister! So that’s where I remembered the slightly pointed features from! How could I be so stupid? Draco was sitting right next to me! Then I decided I should listen the supposedly headmaster’s speech. But of course after the last words he said of, “And the second school is… Durmstrang Institute! Here they are!”

All of our heads turned to the big wooden oak doors and I smiled as… some really cute boys walked into the room. I felt guilty- I never thought so clear and well I never really thought about guys, besides if they were my friends!

I continued to go back to looking at the cute guys doing flips and blowing fire to the step sister of Draco. Wait! Blowing fire? My attention stayed on the boys from Durmstrang Institute. I was happy I wasn’t the only guy almost drooling at the boys.

The guys from Hogwarts gave them thumbs up, and all sorts of awkward cheers and the Durmstarng boys- totally ignored it. Ha ha boys! I smiled and then got out of my day dream as the boys reached the front of the hall and the end of their blowing fire and flips. I wonder what it would be like to do flips and blow fire? It seems kind of fun…. Wait! Lets here what long beard has to say! So, I stopped thinking my random, happy thoughts and tuned in to what the man was saying.

“So,” he started and two extra wooden, long tables like the Slytherin one I was sitting at appeared except in their school colors, of blue for the girls from Beauxbatons and red for the Durmstrang boys.

The two schools went to their assigned by color table and tuned in to what the man with the long beard was about to say next.

“Our three schools, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and Durmstrang Institute will be- doing some not so friendly competition that we need to be friendly and supporting about. The competitions is whats not friendly. But we all need to be friendly. Understand? Okay. The way to enter into this competition would be to put your name in-” the man stopped, muttered something, and a large, stone, glowing goblet appeared. “In this- Goblet of Fire. All you need to do is write your name on a small sheet of paper and place it in the cup- but!”

Everyone started listening but I kept myself from doing so. Xavier and Pansy whispered to each other, Draco looked down at his lap, and Neal looked hopelessly around the room for who knows what!

The man with the long, silvery white beard coughed loud to get everyone’s attention and happily for him, it worked. The whispers quieted down.

“But, you have to be at least be at the age of-” He got cut off again.  Excited and anxious whispers filled the room. If people were so anxious why don’t they just shut up?

Happily the people in the room read my mind and quieted down quickly. Okay! Old man just finish up before they start whispering again! “Please,” I heard myself whisper.

“Huh?” Draco asked.



I laughed. “Very.” He nodded and went back to listening, and his own thoughts. “15 and ¾. Why so specific I know you will ask? Well, someone could die or get seriously injured in these challenges so we want the age of the person to be old enough and mature. Weasley boys don’t get your hopes up.”

The whole room seemed to laugh and giggle and the Durmstrang boys and Beauxbatons girls shrugged not knowing a thing about the two. Personally, I didn’t know much either, but I’d met em’ both! I hope that was enough to laugh about the two with the school! It made me smile to see Fred and George laughing right along with the rest of the school.

The room settled down and tuned in again. I stared at Fred, his eyes glistening in the light of the floating candles. Floating candles! Whoa! This place is legit!

I turned my attention back to the man with the shimmering half moon glasses.

“One person from each school will representing their school in the competition. In a few days time the goblet will chose the three lucky and mildly brave participants and well- you students will see after a bit!” he finally eneded giving the room a little smile and a wink and snapping his fingers for mounds of food to show up on the tables in front of us.

                I beamed this was awesome! The man turned towards the teachers long table and I smiled as a pile of little kids walked into the room. “Huh?” I asked myself and Draco replied with, “First year sorting. What you just did but not in front of the school.” I nodded by frowned. Why did the old man have to pop up mounds of yummy foods, like fish and chips, hamburgers, pizza, fruit cake, fruit, and loads more and have us wait? Why? Why? Why?

                I watched carefully eyeing the food every once and awhile as the teacher who had sorted me named Professor McGonagall walked to the front of the large, wooden platform the teachers sat at.

                She had her hair in an extremely neat, tight bun and you could tell she was a kind lady by her smile.

                “Let me review how the sorting works here at Hogwarts” she told us snapping her fingers to have an old wooden, and mildly used stool appear. It was the one I’d been sorted on.

                “I’ll call the first year students by name and they will approach this stool,” she motioned quickly to the stool, “and I will place-” she stopped and a look of shock spread across her face. It was the Sorting Hat.

                “Over here!” I heard a mischievous old voice call. He was in the hands of the large man who had helped me get here to Hogwarts! I recall the man’s name being Hagrid.

                He was tall and large with a big bustle of hair covering his rather large chin. He was a nice man and you could tell. He was smiling nervously as he called, “Sorry! Here- here ya go,” he rushed over to McGonagall handing her the curious, battered hat. McGonagall nodded, muttered “Thank you Hagrid” and went back to her speech of how sorting worked.

                Neal all of a sudden caught by attention so I didn’t hear what McGonagall was saying. He looked a bit jumpy as he looked around the room. I wonder who or what is he looking for? Suddenly, Neal’s eyes seemed to land on one girl at the Gryffindor table. He calmed down breathing less hard, in and out. “Caitlyn,” he muttered and I smiled- love bird!

                The girl he called Caitlyn had beautiful, dark, dark brown hair that looked black, cascading down her back. She was wearing a cute light purple and light purple sweater and light blue skinny jeans, along with cute dark purple converse. I think she likes purple, I thought sarcastically putting a small smile on my face. She turned her head to the side and I saw she had many, and I mean many freckles. She had bright sparkling, blue eyes and a pretty smile. She seemed quite shy though by the way she acted. She made small movements and didn’t seem to say much.

                I snapped away from thinking about to what in my mind way probably Neal’s ‘true love.’ I never thought Neal would like a quiet girl. Hmmm, I thought with a shrug but I smiled. She seemed really nice.

                Whoa! I snapped my head to the front of the room. Me being off in my little dreamland the sorting finished!

                “Now, you may eat!” announced McGonagall and everyone, from all three schools dug in to the luxurious dinner.

                I grabbed a slice of cheese pizza and dug in. It was the best pizza ever!

“Did- did you try this?” I mumbled through a bite of pizza to my friends whilst pointing to the pizza with my one free hand that wasn’t holding the pizza. Pansy laughed. “I will now!” and she grabbed a slice of pizza.

                “Goshles this is good!” she mumbled through her first bite of the pizza. In five minutes my friends and I were sharing a whole cheese pizza.

                Suddenly the big, wooden, grand doors to the Great Hall opened and three boys walked in wearing Slytherin robes. One of them was kind of plump with small spikes of brown hair- or you could just call it a buzz-cut. He was a bit short for his age which seemed to be my age. The other was quite tall and had more hair on his head than the other. His hair was brown too and slightly curly. The third, was African American and he had deep dark brown eyes.  They all had smiles on their faces that we could all read. They said- We’re the cool ones around here. Whats up?

                Their eyes darted around the Slytherin table until their eyes landed next to me. Draco. They made their way over, everyone staring at them. They didn’t seem too nervous about getting in trouble or anything because literally they took like two minutes!

                When they reached us, the African American one said, “Malfoy! My man!” and held up his hand for a high five. Draco slapped his hand putting a small smile on his own face.

                “Where should we sit? It seems you occupied it with dorks.”

I didn’t seem to like the three in the first place by their snotty attitudes, but he- he’d just crossed the line.

                I looked at Draco to see the expression on his face. He looked- nervous. Like when I collapsed to the ground on the train from laughing. A bit frightened. I sat staring at him for a bit until the plump one said to me, “Hi! My names Crabbe. Yours?” My eyes widened in shock along with Draco’s, and the other two boys standing with him.

                “Nathalia” I told him with a smile holding out my hand. He shook it and said, “Well there’s nowhere to sit guys. Let’s look for somewhere else,” and he made his way down the table looking for a place to sit. The two boys followed him shaking their heads in confusion and muttering things to eachother.

                “He seems nice. But that was just- well- is it just me or does he normally not act that way?” I asked Draco.

                He shook his head no. “He does not act that way. Ever. Besides around Jessica Duarte.”

                “Jessica Duarte?”

                “Oh! Sorry. She’s-” he stopped, and looked around the room. His eyes landed on a girl, who looked a year younger than us with pretty brown locks, shimmering green eyes, and pale skin. He pointed at her.

“She seems nice,”I said and he nodded.

“She is, but Crabbe always messes up what he’s saying when he talks to her. She’s a muggleborn too.”

I laughed. “Poor Crabbe! And, Muggleborn?” Draco smiled.

“Eh, I guess. He has a lot of money at home…. and a mggleborn is one born to two non-wizards.”

 “I don’t know what I am… and you! It’s not that kind of poor!” We laughed.

Draco nodded, as in telling me he knew what I met.

I smiled. He was a nice guy to be around.

“About my sister,” he started and my eyes widened. I’d totally forgotten! “I’m scared.” I nodded. It’s understandable. I mean, even from what he’s told me. He can be scared of having a new sister, a step-sister.

“So your parents got in divorce? I’m so sorry!”

He shook his head no. “They adopted her.”

I shook my head. I don’t know what’s so bad about that but he doesn’t seem to happy about it. I hope I can cheer him up!

“Why do you hate that so much?”

“It’s like- well- like I wasn’t enough.”

I frowned and gave him a hug. Suddenly Pansy glanced at me. Oh my gosh! I forgot that too… she has a crush on Draco! Along with Katherine- I think. This whole ‘I have a crush on thing’ is really getting confusing!

I got out of our hug. “You were enough.”

“Then why’d they adopt another kid?”

I shrugged. “Maybe they wanted someone else to hang out with. I mean, you can surely ask your parents why they did it. I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you if you were feeling weird about it!”

He nodded. “Your right. I’ll send them an owl.”

“What good will that do?” I asked utterly confused now.

He laughed. “You have so much to learn!”

“Hey! Well- maybe. But, hey!”

We laughed again smiling wide. The room was staring at us. I heard whispers. “That girl made Malfoy laugh!”

“Who does she think she is?”

We stopped laughing as we heard more comments. The Professors even seemed to be whispering a bit. Um- Awkward?

Neal started laughing and motioned his hands toward us to start laughing again, then Xavier joined in, then Katherine, then Pansy. They were making it seem more normal than to just us laughing. “Thank you,” I said through laughs. Neal nodded as he laughed which made us laugh harder. Soon, we were getting the weirdest looks, but no one and I mean no one in the room was whispering.

Pansy said between laughs, “Can we stop now?”

Draco cracked up. His laugh was hysterical! So we started laughing even harder…. I love my friends.

After a few minutes everyone in the room started talking again, and we settled down. Kind of. We were still a bit loopy in the head.

“Who’s that?” I asked pointing at the man with the uber long silvery white beard. “Dumbledore! The headmaster of the school,” Pansy told me surprise packed into her voice. I nodded. That made sense why he was making all those long speeches!

He coughed again to get everyone’s attention and the whole rooms eyes turned to him. A few of the candles were flickering.

“Now, since I see everyone here is just talking and not eating, we should go up to our dormitories. Now Prefects, please stand up for the other students in your house to remember what you look like.”

Eight students stood up. Two from every Hogwarts table. “For Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, we will have Filch or Minerva escort you to your dormitories. They all got up and waited to be accompanied by one of the two.

Soon, they left quickly and then it was our turn. “One prefect go with the first years, the other take the rest of the students, tell them the password, and let them be free to go to sleep. Lights out at ten. It’s nine thirty now so you’ll better get a move on!” Dumbledore said motioning with our hands. I saw one of our prefects who was a red head in Slytherin, walk towards the first years, so I looked around the room for the other prefect.

It was a boy with caramel blonde hair and blue eyes. So cute! I mean, Nathalia! What are you saying! We all got up off of our wooden benches and followed the boy, who was goofing around up front with his friends.

I walked with Katherine, Draco, Pansy, Neal, and Xavier. We didn’t talk much because I was admiring Hogwarts the whole way to the common room. Where we’d probably he hanging out the most in our free time.

The walls were coated in moving paintings, smiling, and talking to whoever seemed to pass by. They were amazing! I saw all of the other groups go one way where I caught a glimpse of a moving staircase! How cool? We seemed to be walking down to the dungeons. And- we were! We reached a wooden door and the boy opened it. There was a painting of Dumbledore. “Password?” he asked us suspiciously.

“Quidditch” the boy replied giving Dumbledore a smile. The painting of Dumbledore smiled and opened up as if another door. This was so exciting! The whole of Slytherin bounded into the common room. I glanced back to see the Slytherin first years rounding the corner to come here. The painting shut behind us with a small Click!

The room was extravagant! It had gorgeous dark green leather couches, a wood burning fireplace, and loads more. Desks, chairs, couches, books, awards and much much more filled the extravagant room. I glanced at Draco as he muttered, “Home sweet home.”

“Well, you guys know  the drill! Girls on the left, boys on the right. I recommend just going to be considering we only have twenty minutes left but it’s your choice!” he exclaimed and joined his friends again.

I looked to Pansy and Katherine who lugged me to the girls dormitory. “Nighty night guys!” I exclaimed to the boys and I let them drag me through the girls dormitories. They stopped in front of a dormitory with the numbers 2323 engraved in the door and 4th years. Pansy pushed open the door. “You’re staying in here with us!” I smiled and nodded urgently. Katherine ran to her bed closest to the door.

“I see you love that bed Katherine!” I laughed and she blushed.

Pansy sat down on the bed one away from her and I took the one between the two. There were two empty, green and brown, four-poster beds. The green covers covering my bed had pictures of wolf pups, music notes, and much more that I admire. “Every cover is different. As soon as you sit on the bed, it’s yours for the year! Because then it’s memorized what you like.” I nodded. This was magnificent.

“Let’s just go to bed,” Katherine yawned and I nodded. Why not? I’ll explore tomorrow. Pansy nodded in agreement and yawned, “Night!” I smiled as Katherine and I replied with the same words. I got into bed and I drifted off after a few minutes into a good nights sleep.