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  Have you ever checked over your writing to see a few of the characters not acting like themselves? Like all of a sudden the villain is acting all goody-two-shoes? Or the hero is acting like a rebel? Well, it seems to me like that’s very understandable for people to do.

 I’ve written some Harry Potter fan fictions, which is where I rewrite Harry Potter but how it would go in my mind, or just adding twists to the story, and I’ve made Draco Malfoy squeal- not very Draco Malfoy like is it?


  Now I’m thinking I need to make him a bit more harsh…. I was thinking more in my mind of how I wanted him to be- of more as what he really is. If you’ve read Harry Potter or watched the movies you’ll know Draco Malfoy isn’t exactly a fluffy bunny.

 I’ve made one of my characters in a Harry Potter fan fiction come from extremely nervous and quiet to pretty loud….. like-

At the start of my book –

           “Um, Uh, Hi- could I sit with you?” I asked the group of kids, my age all looking at me slightly confused by my presence. A boy with bright orange hair and millions of freckles spread over his face smiled slightly and glanced at a boy with jet black, shaggy hair, and pretty emerald eyes. The other person in the compartment was a girl with slightly poofy dark and light streaked brown hair with a suspicious look spread across her face her brown eyes staring hard at me.

                I waited for the response of the group nervously and I felt my hands come a bit closer. I was trying to beat my habit of fiddling with my hands when I was nervous, but right not I was failing my goal. I was a new girl to a new school. A magic school were you had to ride a beautiful scarlet and gold train to get to the school. The school was called Hogwarts. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.


Then, later on this is her –


He nodded. “Your right. I’ll send them an owl.”

“What good will that do?” I asked utterly confused now.

He laughed. “You have so much to learn!”

“Hey! Well- maybe. But, hey!”

We laughed again smiling wide. The room was staring at us. I heard whispers. “That girl made Malfoy laugh!”

“Who does she think she is?”

We stopped laughing as we heard more comments. The Professors even seemed to be whispering a bit. Um- Awkward?

Neal started laughing and motioned his hands toward us to start laughing again, then Xavier joined in, then Katherine, then Pansy. They were making it seem more normal than to just us laughing. “Thank you,” I said through laughs. Neal nodded as he laughed which made us laugh harder. Soon, we were getting the weirdest looks, but no one and I mean no one in the room was whispering.

Pansy said between laughs, “Can we stop now?”

Draco cracked up. His laugh was hysterical! So we started laughing even harder…. I love my friends.

Or with Pansy Parkinson –


I made her trust the character above who was at first really quite, really quickly. That doesn’t sound like Pansy at all does it- Pansy is not a fluffy bunny either….

      “To Slytherin!” Xavier announced, and we turned around walking back towards the fancy, upgraded, green, silver, gold, and black compartments. Xavier lifted my battered trunk up onto a rack and sat next to a pretty girl with dark brown hair and green eyes. “Hey Pansy,” he smiled goofily. “You dork,” she said right as I thought the same thing. “I was just thinking the same thing” I said as I looked down at them, still standing with Neal. Pansy smiled, “I could get used to you. Your new aren’t you? What happened to your hand? I love you hair!”

   “Well that wasn’t too random,” Neal smiled and Neal sat at an empty bench across from Pansy. “Scooch” I told Neal and he moved over smiling. “First, yeah I’m new. Three years late- um- my hand was from Neal” I said pointing to Neal and I finished with “Thanks! I like your hair too!” Pansy smiled twirling her hair on her finger as the boy I’d seen earlier with slicked back blonde hair walked over and sat across from me and Neal.

  So, now I’ve discovered that I should really take a look and see is this me or my character? I wonder if it’s just me….

Tell me what you think! Have you done this before? Or is it just me? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind! I don’t bite!

TheNonBritishChick 🙂