Longing For Pottermore!

Posted on: April 5, 2012

   I am so excited for Pottermore! The website says it will open early April…. but now’s early April!!! A bit too early April, but whatever 🙂 I can’t wait to get an account! I’ll jump up and down squeal- well actually probably not…. I’ll  make my account!

  I can’t be the only one without a Pottermore account that really wants one can I? I doubt it…. But others who are longing desperately to be on Pottemore too, I feel your pain… I feel your pain…

  Though, while I’m on the topic of Harry Potter, I’ll share some things about- Harry Potter. XD


1. I love The Half blood Prince Movie!!! It’s really intriguing and shows a lot of Draco… pfft he’s not my favorite character…. (nods eagerly, yeah he is!)

2. Im reading the Chamber Of Secrets!

3. As JK Rowling’s books goes on, unlike some authors she gets better.

4. I wonder how she came up with Hufflepuff……..



TheNonBritishChick 🙂

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