The Amazing Life Of Some Goofy Wizards At Hogwarts

Posted on: March 31, 2012

 Yes! Haha! Yes! Hi… I’m on my blog… I made it at home in the US and this is my first post at Hogwarts! Yay! I got sorted into Slytherin and I’ve made a ton of new friends from each of the houses! I’ve got Draco, Harry, Pansy, Hermione, Goyle, Crabbe, Ron, Fred, George, Terrence, Veronica, Anouska, Kiera, Semaus, Dean, Christopher, Nicki, and more! Can you believe that!?!? I can’t… well I can… but I can’t XD Here, let me explain to you a bit about each person…. 😀

Draco – My Slytherin bud with blonde hair who I haven’t told I have a blog an is coming over right now and- *I shut my computer*

Draco – What are you doing?

Me – Nothing

Draco – I seriously doubt that… *tries to open my computer*

Me – *slaps his hand* I bet you do! *Runs up to the Slytherin girls dormitory AKA as one of my homes in Hogwarts 🙂

And that is why I’m in the girls dormitory right this second because I somehow managed to type all that up on my quick run up the stairwell and into my room. I share it with Pansy, and a few other girls I don’t exactly like to talk about…

But back to my lists of friends,

Harry – The one who defeated  the greatest dark wizard when he was just a baby! And a Gryffindor 🙂

Pansy – My dormie/roomie, who I talk to about pretty much everything!

Hermione – Gryffindor! She’s sweet, and extra smart! She told me that the ceiling in the Great Hall was enchanted to look like the sky outside… and what book she read it in – Hogwarts, A History!

I’m so smart! 😀

Goyle & Crabbe – I’ve tended to put them together because of how close they are. They’re like super-glued together sometimes… people underestimate them though, but I still enjoy em! And, my fellow Slytherins!

Ron – Haha, he’s so funny! Gryffindor, and has MANY brothers and sisters! Apparently he’s got a younger sister named Ginny coming to Hogwarts next year!

Fred&George – They’re like an old married couple in a way… they love each other so much! They’re pranksters too, and Ron’s older Gryffindor brothers.

Terrence Higgs – A Slytherin who I talk to about Quidditch a lot and goof around with.

Veronica Laughto – Gryffindor all the way, and you can talk to her about anything!

Anouska Esivae – Ravenclaw! She’s really into muggle things and is one of my besties like Veronica.

Kiera Finnegan – Though the last name may confuse you, she’s not related to Seamus! She’s one of my besties too and I we love hanging out and planning pranks on the twins… (Please Fred and Georgie do NOT read this!) Oh and BTW Gryffindor all the way!

Christopher Finnegan – Well, Chris you’d absolutely believe is related to Seamus, blowing stuff up all the time! He’s a great friend who’s excellent at building fires, and Kiera’s older brother! Another Gryffindor!

Seamus Finnigan – Blows up anything so it splatters in his face… fun right? Haha, he’s great to be around! Yet, another Gryffindor!

Dean Thomas – One of Chris’s, and Seamus’s best friends who joke around, though he’s more of a soccer player (Muggle stuff! He taught me soccer and I kicked butt at this position known as defence!) He’s a joy to be around too!

Nicki Wedgoy – She is ABSOLUTELY in love with music! ABSOLUTELY POSITUTLEY! Haha… positutley 🙂 She’s a joy to be around along with the rest of my friends!

Well that’s some of my friends… yes, shockingly some… I love making friends 🙂 Oooh! Yay! I just got a text saying that it cleared up outside and we’re gonna all go play some quidditch! Got to go now! Ta ta! 😀

TheNonBritishChick 🙂


3 Responses to "The Amazing Life Of Some Goofy Wizards At Hogwarts"

Are you on Pottermore? Awesome and amazing site.

Sadly, no not yet but I will soon! 🙂


So when are you gonna post more funny pics from HP? I’m keeping an eye out for you! No really i am. Well anyway have a good spring break!

Chao chao!

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