You Call This A Disaster? Chapter 6

Posted on: March 23, 2012

I woke to shouting in the comfy room in the girls’ dormitory.

“Nathalia! Oh my gosh! Nathalia! Wake up!” Katherine yelled in my ear as my eyes fluttered open. My eyes shut almost immediately as a burst of light shined into the room. Pansy had just opened the curtains. She seemed to have just woken up too because she was blinking mildly at the bright beam that shone into our room.

Katherine shook me and I snapped my eyes back open grumbling, “What?”

“Ya know those demon thingys we saw on the train?” I bolted up at word of them.

“Yeah. Yeah I remember,” I said curiosity growing inside me.

“Well, I was thinking and last year things that were black, ghostly, and looked very similar to those were called dementors. When we’d first seen them, I was arguing with myself in my head because it couldn’t of been them-” she stopped as I interrupted her.

“Why not?”

“Well, dementors are controlled by-” Pansy cut her off. “The Ministry of Magic.”

I gasped. “They wouldn’t!” Katherine nodded looking down at her hands whispering, “that’s what I thought but- I mean you never really know. At dark times like this-”

I cut her off again. “Sorry Katherine for interrupting but, how are these dark times. Besides for those fake dementor thingys we all were having a great time!”

“You know the story of Harry Potter don’t you?” Pansy asked me. I shook my head no, feeling absolutely stupid.

“Oh, well that’s okay. He was a baby when we were in serious trouble. Very dark times yes, but a man- a gruesome man,” she said putting a disgusted look on her face, “was trying to gather followers. Bringing down the Ministry, trying to rule the wizard world. But we, intelligent wizards fought back. Or- atleast our parents did. But one night, the man, Voldemort-” she stopped at the sound of the man’s name her crystal green eyes widening in fear. “He- he- went to the boy, Harry’s house seeking to kill him and his parents if they didn’t join them, which he already knew they wouldn’t, loyal members of the order, a group that was specifically to stand up to dark wizards. He killed his parents sooner or later and then tried to kill Harry. Lily, Harry’s mom had loved him so much, her love saved him and Voldemorts spell, shot at him only caused a small, lightning shaped scar on his forehead. But the boy is a little jerk who’s extremely full of himself.”

My eyes widened. The boy seemed to “fun.” “Go on,” I said nodding at Katherine and Pansy.

“Well, that’s why times were dark. Last year though, a man who supposedly murdered a few people got loose, out of Azkaban, wizard prison. The Ministry suspected he’d be here, which he was. That’s why they sent the dementors last year. To capture the Azkaban prisoner, Sirius Black. But-” Katherine paused, tilting her head to the side and got off of my bed. She walked over to her old, battered, leather trunk and popped in open. She rummaged through it for a bit throwing clothes to the side of her, and other little things. Finally she pulled something out of the trunk.

It was pink and in silver, cursive along the front it said, ‘Diary Of Katherine’ I smiled and Pansy did too. Pansy pounced forward trying to grab the diary, and Katherine held it high in the air, out of her reach. I jumped out of bed pulling Pansy back.

“Pansy!” I screeched. Pansy frowned muttering “sorry.” I frowned wondering why she’d done that. Weird.

Katherine glared at Pansy, untying the light pink string that kept her book shut.  She opened it and looked up at me. “Yeah?”

She handed me the book pointing at one page that across the top said  ‘Dark Times’  and then she flipped through a few pages to another page headed, ‘End Of The Year!’  She nodded up at me as if telling me to go ahead and read it. I took the book and walked silently over to my bed plopping down on it starting to read.

 I finished in fifteen minutes, no one talking between that time. Katherine’s last line that I’d read was, ‘Bye bye Hogwarts, hope to see you and my friends too and I hope that Voldemort will never take us down- good luck Sirius Black.’  I had smiled at that last line. She seemed to see some good in the man- who was apparently a killer- but I wasn’t so sure to believe that story.

I jumped out of bed again, to see Pansy and Katherine whispering. When they looked up at me they stopped, frowning. I handed Katherine her diary and ran out. I was still wearing what I’d worn to bed yesterday- my clothes. Skinny jeans, a dark purple sweater with a white tank top under it, and zero socks!

Katherine and Pansy got up startled running after me. They slammed the door shut behind them following me down the long hall, out of the territory of the girls’ dormitory.

“Nathalia!” I heard Pansy and Katherine scream multiple times as they chased after me, down the stairs, to the common room. I looked hesitantly around the common room knowing the two girls would soon be close behind me. I saw Draco, Neal and Xavier talking and Neal looked to the girls’ dormitory stairs because of the thumping of Katherine and Pansy, to see me- tears streaming down my face. I ran out of the common room, through the portrait hole and I jumped onto a just leaving staircase.

“Quick move,” I muttered angrily to myself. I had a feeling Katherine and Pansy had been whispering about me. The new girl, dork and dumbo. Huh. I bet that’s what they thought. I sat down of the moving staircase, tears streaming down my face.

“Nathalia!” I heard the group of Xavier, Neal, Draco, Pansy and Katherine shout at the platform right outside of the Slytherin common room. I rolled my eyes. They act like they care. None of this makes sense. Why would they do this to me? I was alone on the stair case until I heard a different voice.

“Nathalia!” I snapped my head to the left where the staircase clicked onto the platform outside of the Gryffindor common room. It was Fred. I gave him a small wave and my tears settled down. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. He ran onto the staircase and sat down next to me in a huff right as the staircase lifted off the platform. George and Abbye were racing after him too, but they were too late. Just like my Slytherin “friends.”

I sniffled and looked up at him. He was tall. Taller than me, and I’m pretty tall for my age!

He gave me a small smile. “What’s wrong?” he whispered and I shrugged. “Not so sure myself” I sniffled.

He nodded acting like he understood but I doubt he did. He looked a bit aggravated too.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him with a small smile. He sighed and shrugged repeating what I’d said.

“Not so sure myself. Not so sure.”

I nodded actually understanding and my head rolled back as I looked up at the long ceiling hundreds of feet above us. He looked up at the ceiling too as he dropped his arm around my kneck. I looked at him my eyes widening in surprise. Awkward much? His eyes widened at the thought of what he’d just done and I laughed.

“What?” he asked his voice turning squeaky. I gave him a smile.

“Life is so-” I paused and thought for a second. “Confusing,” we said simultaneously. We looked at each other with shock and then looked down at our feet. Suddenly I felt his arm fall next to him as we- reached the Slytherin common room platform again.

“I guess you’ll be going?” he asked me.

“Not a chance. I’d left from here in tears. Why would I go back?”

He nodded giving me a small smile. My friends were staring at me and Fred together looking slightly confused. The didn’t jump onto the staircase, fortunately for Fred and I. The staircase clicked off of the platform and we started talking again.

“When life gives you a ton of wild boars, shouldn’t you pounce on it and ask what really happened?’ I asked Fred, and he smiled.

“First, yes. I guess. Why not? And second- I don’t think that’s how the phrase goes,”

I shrugged, “That’s how it should go.”

He gave me a small smile. Then we reached the platform in front of the Gryffindor common room again.

We stood up and I gave him a huge hug. He deserved it. He was a great friend.

“Go pounce on the boar,” I told him nodding and he tilted his head sideways, “You could tell I was upset?”

I nodded. “Now go! Shoo!” I said waving my hand away, he turned around grinning. “Oh- Fred?” I said. He turned around a questioning expression covering his face but he was still grinning.

                “Pounce on the boar. Pounce on the boar” I told him nodding and he smiled confronting George and Abbye. He whispered something to them and they replied looking nervous. He turned around to me his eyes wide as he mouthed, “I pounced on the boar. Now I’m shocked.”

                I laughed as the staircase took off again leading me to the front of the Hufflepuff common room. The stair case stopped and I hopped off. People were hustling onto staircases unlike when Fred and I were on one. Soon enough I was the only person in front of the Hufflepuff common room portrait hole than one other girl.


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