You Call This A Disaster? Chapter 3

Posted on: March 23, 2012

When we arrived everyone evacuated the train and I met up with my friends who I had only momentarily gotten lost from.

                “Sorry,” Xavier whispered to me and I looked down. He even had the nerve. “You shouldn’t be saying that to me,” I grumbled and I turned towards Katherine.

“So? Should I hope to be in Slytherin?”  Katherine nodded starting to smile, and all of a sudden her smile faded. “What?” I asked her nervously. “Just wondering what came on the train-”

 “I know” I whimpered but somehow it felt good to be by those things. It sucked the happiness out of the world, yeah I know, but somehow I felt at home- which scared me. Home.

                I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around to see my red headed friend with a red headed girl.  “Hey!” the boy exclaimed. “Name” I stated. “Fred” he replied smiling.

                “Just checking you weren’t George!”

                The girl with him blushed madly and I raised an eyebrow. “This is?”

“Oh! Abbye Black! Meet, Nath- Nathalia?” I nodded at what he had said and I held out my good hand. She fumbled to make sure she held out her right hand to shake my left hand and smiled. “Nice to meet you” we said simultaneously.

                “Thanks for mending to my friends arm,” she told me glancing at his arm. All of a sudden, someone who I guessed was named George from the information Fred had given me, popped up. “Is this your savior?” the boy laughed and I raised my eyebrows starting to slightly blush, and shockingly Fred did too. He nodded and I said before Fred’s twin could speak, “ Nice to meet you George!” The boy’s eyes widened.

                “She- She’s psychic?”

                I laughed. “My friends might say psycho,” and Katherine elbowed me- “No!” and I stared at her hard. “Okay- maybe” I stared at her harder. “Yeah- just a little bit” she said starting to smile looking down at her feet.  I nudged her and she looked up. “Anyway! Did you guys see those ghostly black things?” Katherine piped in. My eyes widened and I started to look nervously around.

                “They were with you guys too?” George asked. Ah, I think Katherine was in love. She could discuss her geeky ideas with another geek! Okay- not really. She’s not a geek at all and she has some pretty neat ideas of what it could have been. They continued talking until I heard George say,” We thought the Slytherins were playing a prank on us!”

                “Why?” I stated closing my eyes. Well this’ll be good.

“Slytherins. Sly? Ambitious? Rude? Cunning? Tricky, and not so smart” George finished with a huff. Abbye’s eyes widened and Katherine turned bright red. “George!” Fred, Abbye, and I yelled and I comforted Katherine away from them towards our other apparently ‘not so smart’ friends.  I looked at Katherine and whispered, “It’s okay. The guy didn’t know what he was talking about.”

                She looked up at me, considering I was about an inch taller than her and she whimpered. “I never wanted to be a Slytherin. My family was ashamed. Then they started getting used to it but treated me like I was a slave-” she started saying and I gasped. How could they? I rubbed her back. The poor soul.

                “You guys okay?” I heard from behind us. It was Draco. I nodded and straightened up along with Katherine. Abbye walked up to us, “I’m so sorry.”

                “So you guys aren’t okay?” I smiled and Abbye rolled her eyes walking away. Katherine walked up to Malfoy and gave him a big hug. Um- awkward? But of course Malfoy didn’t mind. He started to actually blush madly! I gasped and Katherine let go suddenly. “Awww! You guys are the cutest couple!”

                Neal, Xavier, and Pansy walked up. Pansy was turning slightly red and Xavier was starting to grin. Neal came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Pansy is like insane with Malfoy.” My eyes struck wide. “Pansy too” I whimpered. Xavier was now on the floor. “Draco! I never knew! You- you- you’ve got two girls who are insane with you!” Xavier! He had gone too far again.

                Katherine walked over to me slowly and grabbed my arm pulling me away from the group.  “Make it stop!” she whaled in my ear. She hugged him! But I shrugged, she is my friend! I walked up to Xavier and helped him off the ground. “Now shut up” I told him staring at him hard with a small smile on my face. Her nodded a smile appearing on his face. I turned around and faced the group. “Oh my goshels! I’ve got to go! I’ll catch up with you guys in a bit!” I shrieked and I ran off towards a Professor. “Nathalia?” the lady said. I nodded urgently. “Ready to get sorted?” She asked me sternly. “I was born ready.”

                The lady smiled, and nodded. She motioned me to follow her and I felt a pinch of guilt. What were my friends thinking right now? I shrugged. I was getting sorted! I followed the lady until she stopped in front of a large hole in the wall, seeming to lead on and on into the darkness. “Ready?” she asked me. I nodded and we walked into the dark. I saw her grab her wand quickly and mutter a spell. Her wand started to glow and she led me forward, farther into the darkness. After about five minutes we reached an old rusty door. She muttered another spell and the door swung open. This magic thing is so cool!

                We walked into the room, and I noticed- the room was an old classroom!

                She motioned to an old stool in the room and I sat, to hear her whisper, “You know the houses?” I nodded whilst muttering, “I believe so.” The lady smiled. “I’m Professor McGonagall.” I smiled feeling slightly more comfortable. “Now lets get you sorted!”

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