You Call This A Disaster? Chapter 1

Posted on: March 23, 2012

                “Um, Uh, Hi- could I sit with you?” I asked the group of kids, my age all looking at me slightly confused by my presence. A boy with bright orange hair and millions of freckles spread over his face smiled slightly and glanced at a boy with jet black, shaggy hair, and pretty emerald eyes. The other person in the compartment was a girl with slightly poofy dark and light streaked brown hair with a suspicious look spread across her face her brown eyes staring hard at me.

                I waited for the response of the group nervously and I felt my hands come a bit closer. I was trying to beat my habit of fiddling with my hands when I was nervous, but right not I was failing my goal. I was a new girl to a new school. A magic school were you had to ride a beautiful scarlet and gold train to get to the school. The school was called Hogwarts. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

                I started to turn around thinking that I should just find a different compartment because none of them seemed to be answering we anytime soon. “Wai-” I heard one of them say but I picked up my trunk and tried to walk away as fast as I could letting the door glide close behind me. I felt tears starting to form in my eyes. A normal child at Hogwarts would have started when they were eleven years old, while I am starting when I’m fourteen. I’m quite an emotional fourteen year old but I take that as a good thing at times. I heard the door slide open again and I could feel eyes staring into my back, but I kept hurrying away as fast as I could until- “Bump!”

                I feel backwards my trunk falling onto my hand. “O- Ow!” I whimpered tears starting to cascade down my cheeks. I stared straight down at the blue and gold carpeted floor letting my long brown hair cascade over my face. I sniffled slightly, pain gathering in my hand more and more every second. “I’m so- sorry!” I heard someone stutter from above me. I had heard the sound of someone getting up moments before. The voice had sounded like a boy, possibly around my age. I didn’t dare look up. Too humiliating, too hard, too- too- scary for my first day so I kept staring down sniffling, glancing at my light green converse every few seconds.

                I felt my hand turning numb, but happily the person who I had bumped into was picking my trunk off of my hand. I glanced at my hand to see the mess. My hand was turning a light shade of bluish purple, and it seemed to be a bit of metal was sticking off of my trunk because I had a slight cut in my hand. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I heard the voice above me whimper. I swooshed my head to the right getting the hair out of my face. I had to be brave, strong, and at least get out of this mess. I looked at the shocked boy above me, with dark brown hair, pretty green eyes, and a black suit. “I- Um- How bout I help you to the infirmary?” he said holding out his hand. I took his hand with my one good hand and got up. He grabbed my trunk and I noticed he was still holding my hand. He obviously noticed that as the same time as me because he quickly let go. I blushed trying not to let him see my face.

                He led me straight towards the front of the train, and as we walked everything started to change. At first where we had bumped into each other was more red, gold and laid back, not very fancy. As we moved we turned to yellow, black and slightly modern. We walked farther and were led to blue, black, and silver and some metal. Then I found myself walking quickly through an area of slight green, silver and black, but then we reached much closer to the front. It looked like a complete upgrade to what we had just marched quickly through.  My mind was racing as we made our way throughout the train. “Hey Benson!” I heard and I turned my head to a boy with slicked back white hair. He was on his knees on a wooden bench. The boy in the black suit stopped and waved with his one hand that wasn’t holding my luggage, then kept walking. I followed him, farther forward were he led me to a room far, far up on the train. He slid open the door and put my trunk inside. He walked inside and I followed. I looked around the room seeing a bed covered in soft looking white sheets.  In the room, besides me, and the boy was an older lady dressed in a light violet and white. She turned to us and looked at my bloody, purple hand in shock. “Well that’ll need a bit of help!” she whispered and walked over to a dark oak cabinet in the room. “So how did this-”  the old lady asked when the door to what I guessed was the infirmary for the train, opened.

                “Oh Xavier! Nice to see you!” the old lady exclaimed as a boy who looked about my age walked into the room. He had blonde curly hair, green eyes, and was quite pale. “Hey, Grandma” he whispered to her as he gave her a hug starting to madly blush. I smirked, well this was probably embarrassing for him!  “Neal” the boy called Xavier whispered nodding his head to the boy who had helped me here. Neal nodded and smirked. “Um-” I started looking at my bleeding purple hand. “Oh right!” the lady exclaimed. “Whoa! What happened?” Xavier asked. I thought not to speak so I just looked at the boy who seemed to be named Neal. “Ah. Understandable” Xavier said. “Hey!” Neal said. “You guys friends?” I asked cautiously. They seemed like they would be a nice pair of friends but also like they wouldn’t. “Yep! Best friends actually. And man! Whats with the suit!” Xavier asked Neal tilting his head slightly. “Parents” Neal muttered as the old lady brought over a small white bottle. “It might sting a little” she whispered in a kind voice. She squeezed the bottle and a few sparkling clear drops plopped down onto my hand. “That should clear up the cuts in a few days. As for the bruise I can’t really do anything about that,” the lady said.

                My hand felt numb, but a bit better. “That’s fine! My hand feels loads better” I told her as she wrapped a white wrap around my hand.

“Well, I’ll see you guys later then! Take off the wrap in five days girly! Bye Xavier! Bye Neal!” the lady said, ushering us out and handing Neal my trunk. I smiled, she was nice.

The two boys slightly waved to her  and I glanced at my bag. “You guys don’t need to-” I started when Xavier cut in. “We don’t mind. And anyways you’ve got your hand that can’t possibly pick anything up!”

“Well, actually” Neal said placing my trunk on the ground, “You can carry her trunk because I’ve already carried it like all the way through the train!” he finished. Xavier sighed and I smiled as he picked up the trunk.  “Wait! What house are you in? I mean, you look fourteen, like us, but you don’t look familiar at all” Xavier asked me. “Oh! Um, yeah I am three years late aren’t I?” I said nervously glancing at the ground. “Don’t feel bad, you’ll catch on quickly” Neal said and I smiled. “Thanks, but shouldn’t we move or do you guys want to just stand here for four hours,” I said sarcastically. Neal cracked a smile glancing at Xavier.

“To Slytherin!” Xavier announced, and we turned around walking back towards the fancy, upgraded, green, silver, gold, and black. Xavier lifted my battered trunk up onto a rack and sat next to a pretty girl with dark brown hair and green eyes. “Hey Pansy” he smiled goofily. “You dork” she said right as I thought the same thing. “I was just thinking the same thing” I said as I looked down at them, still standing with Neal. Pansy smiled, “I could get used to you. Your new aren’t you? What happened to your hand? I love you hair!”

“Well that wasn’t too random,” Neal smiled and Neal sat at an empty bench across from Pansy. “Scooch” I told Neal and he moved over smiling. “First, yeah I’m new. Three years late- um- my hand was from Neal” I said pointing to Neal and I finished with “Thanks! I like your hair too!” Pansy smiled twirling her hair on her finger as the boy I’d seen earlier with slicked back blonde hair walked over and sat across from me and Neal.


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