My Mom And The Cake Pops

Posted on: March 22, 2012

My mom, for lent has given up chocolate. Now, if we push that aside, here’s the story –

  For my best friends birthday we made cake pops that are so incredibly yummy. For dessert the next night, I had reached for the ice cream but my mom told me I needed to eat the cake pops before they go bad…. So of course I did! Though, they are covered in sweets, and they are dipped in what could be easily mistaken for chocolate. This is where my mo giving up chocolate for lent comes in…

She’d asked me if the cake pops had chocolate in them and I of course, had no idea so my mom called my best friend’s mom and she told her there was no chocolate on em’ except for the one’s that were coated in brown. The other colors were white, pink, and yellow. The inside flavor (the cake) was either chocolate or vanilla. I chose one of the cake pops and began eating. Until my sister points out when my mom is on the phone with my best friends mom, “She’s eating the one you can have!”  Whoops…. happily we were able to find a cake pop that would in some way have no chocolate…

Well, I was told to eat a cake pop! The picture of cake pops above look so good! I found it online… if you look cake pops up you’ll see so many! They really are delicious…

TheNonBritishChick 🙂


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