Katniss The Cake Pop

Posted on: March 22, 2012

        For my best friend’s birthday party, me and some others made cake pops. We got to make cute little things out of them  like lions, birds, bunnies, sheep, and of course for her brother, a Dalek from Doctor Who. But I, made a cake pop of Katniss Everdeen. I haven’t read the books and I’ve only seen the movie preview. I only knew she had two eyes, brown hair, lips, and a nose, and tanned skin.

     So, I dipped the cake pop in the yellow to have that be her skin. Then I dipped the top of her head and most of the back of her head in brown for her hair, and a bit of brown on top of her head. When that dried I put on candy eyes, a dot of yellow that stood out on her face as her nose. I think I had a brown swish for a smile too, but I’m not so sure. But anyways, my mom wants them out of the house, thinking they’re stale already. Truthfully, I think they’re still pretty good but she wants us to scarf em’ down so they’re out of the house! So today, so far I think I’ve had five cake pops… :O A lot right? But they’re yummy! Though back to Katniss…. I stuck a wide chocolate chip on the back of her head as in her hair is in a bit of a bun, and then I was done! But today, I ate Katniss Everdeen. In the form of a cake pop of course! I feel so bad that I ate her face….

 ….. :O I think she’s running away from me eating her face again! Sorry Katniss!

TheNonBritishChick 🙂


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